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The Album: Satélite

Rafael Rocha - Satélite (2020)

“Satélite” is an album created freely from inspirations, partnerships and fragments of texts written by the poets Jonathan Panta, Matheus de Araújo, MC Martina, Rodrigo Maré, Thais Ayomidé, Thainá Iná for the “Becos” podcast, during the 2020 pandemic.

Produced by Rafael Rocha and recorded by Gustavo Mendes at the Serrinha studio, it also contains recordings taken from the BECOS Podcast produced at MiniStereo Studio by Rodrigo Campello.

The album is brought to you by People’s Palace Projects (QMUL) and Redes da Maré, as part of the research project, Construindo Pontes/Building the Barricades which is supported by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

Front and back cover photos: Leonardo and Ellen.

Front and back cover artwork: Mariana Egmídio


1 Presente
Rafael Rocha: Harmonium, beatbox, synth, electric guitars, MPC, tambourine, Caetron and voice
Martim Guerra: Voice

2 A mãe preta
Rafael Rocha: Electribe, tambourine, berimbaus, electric guitar, whistles
Thainá Iná: Voice

3 Maré (poeta da madrugada)
Rafael Rocha: Electric guitars, acoustic guitar, synth, drums, MPC, voice.
Gustavo Mendes: Additional sounds
Jonathan Panta: Voice

4 Becos
Rafael Rocha: Electronic tabla , nose flute, electric guitars, MPC, synth and voice.
MC Martina: Voice

5 Cara lavada
Rafael Rocha: Glass bottle xylophone, MPC, handsonic.
Gustavo Mendes: Synth
Matheus de Araújo: Voice

6 Esquinas
Rafael Rocha: Electric guitar, synth bass, MPC, nose flute, kazoo and voice.
Martim Guerra: Violins

7 O nosso som
Rafael Rocha: MPC, ocarina, synth
Thais Ayomide: Voice
Rodrigo Maré: Voice

8 Tempo
Rafael Rocha: Electric guitars, MPC, synth
Rodrigo Maré: Congas, bells and effects
Thais Ayomidé: Voice

9 Liberdade
Jonathan Panta: Acoustic guitar
Rafael Rocha: Voices

10 Enquanto o mundo desaba
Rafael Rocha: Electric guitar, drums, handsonic and voice
Gustavo Mendes: Bass

11 Pode chegar
Rafael Rocha: Tambourine, alfaia drum, goblet drum, caxixi
Jonathan Panta: Voice
Matheus de Araújo: Voice
Mc Martina: Voice
Rodrigo Maré: Voice
Thais Ayomidé: Voice
Thainá Iná: Voice

2A Mae Preta
3Maré (O Poeta da Magrugada)
5Cara Lavada
7O Nosso Som
10Enquanto o Mundo Desaba
11Pode Chegar (Vinheta)